Staff in Kibondo Staff in Mkugwa Refugee Camp Staff in Nursery (Kakonko/Mtendeli)
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     Staff strength
To perform these activities REDESO has to recruit qualified personnel in its areas of operation as follows:

  1. Operational support:

    1. The project manager.
    2. The project dev. officer
    3. The accountant.
    4. The admin and logistics.
    5. The storekeeper.
    6. The secretary.
    7. The security guards.
    8. Office attendant.

  2. Environment sector.

    1. Project officer environment conservation.
    2. Project officer Research, monitoring and evaluation.
    3. Field officer Research, monitoring and evaluation.
    4. 3 Field officers environment protection ( per each camp).
    5. 1 Field officer soil conservation for Mtendeli camp.
    6. 1 Field assistant soil conservation for Mtendeli camp.
    7. 3 Field assistant ( 1 per each camp).
    8. 34 Tanzanian environmental guides.

  3. Camp management.

    1. The camp manager.
    2. Distribution supervisor.
    3. distribution clerk.

  4. Health and sanitation sector.

    1. Health education officer.
    2. Health education supervisor.

  5. Water.

    1. Water technician.
    2. Water pump attendant.
About 80 refugees have been employed in various sectors to assist in providing relief services to the refugee community in all camps.