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   Location of the Chogo village
The Chogo village is situated almost km from Handeni district. It was established in the year 2003 after Somali refugees from the Mkuyu camp moved to Chogo.
The Somali are refugees who were running out of their country of origin from ethnic violence. RELIEF TO DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (REDESO) under support from UNHCR has been running the village activities since March 2003. Ever since its establishment the refugees in this village are benefited from care and maintenance  program provided by various UNHCR implementing partners and now REDESO, which took operation of the village in April 2003. Majority of the refugees in this village involve themselves in cultivation and some petty business within and nearby villages. However, for normal operation of the village UNHCR is monitoring and evaluating the progress of the village activities. The Chogo village accommodates 3291 Somali refugees (August 2003).

For normal provision of humanitarian assistance to the refugees REDESO is running village activities using its technical departments namely General Settlement Management, Health, Environmental Management ( Forestry), Health Sanitation, Community Development and Education. Other areas are water supply (non Agricultural) and Agriculture.  


Un-adequate supply of services has been provided to refugees due to frequent UNHCR budget cut down.