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The department aiming at improving the level of refugee development in all aspects. 

The department is running several components like Home based care, support to extremely vulnerable individuals (EVIs), physical hand capped individuals 
and forester children through community based participation and micro projects. Others are skill training, education, nutritional sports and cultural groups and units. The individual victims are identified and 
supported with education and material assistance.

Thus these projects offer a wide range of financial and technical support to income generation groups. By using the groups more employment to refugees is generated, and there is increased ability of buying valuable domestic 
items and carrying out improvement refugee homes. The organization assists individual groups through provision of revolving loans. A number of income generation groups like gardening, tailoring, knitting and carpentering have been initiated. The program enhanced income and improved family living standard as refugees under the groups afford to pay for school fee and school 
uniforms, and also afford better home contrary to the situation before accessing the loans. Additionally there has been more confidence in the part of women through enhanced income and hence purchasing power. More women are becoming equal gatekeeper at home and participate fully in the planning of family welfare as they have a number of plans in store. 

Youth recreation is another area - sport teams and cultural groups organize and conduct several occasions against either refugees, themselves or surrounding villagers. At the same time the department uses 
these groups to pass the message on reproductive health education including HIV/AIDS trainings. The unit is also providing skill trainings covering micro-project initiation and management. Furthermore, gender issues are disseminated focusing on the liberation of women economically. 

Sexual gender based violence  (SGBV) covering home based care and counseling is also one of the focused service. Refugees with social family problems are assisted through community based initiatives. Fellow 
refugees are mobilized to assist all vulnerable. At the same time through home visit method the community workers reach individual refugees at household levels to identify the malnourished children especially five years
and younger. Their parents are either advised to attend for health education at the village dispensary. 
Service cases are reported at the feeding center in the village for extra feeding exercise.